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  • South Bris Space FBUse your sales experience to build a lasting career – uncap your income!
  • Structured training & mentoring program, share LEADS to start while you learn.
  • Great team of three with leading agent Adam Nobel and a marketing specialist.



Tired of selling widgets? Need a new challenge? Not just another sales job; plan to build a successful RE sales career with leading agency. APPLY NOW!

We’ve all heard about the glass ceiling; have you heard about the mirror ceiling? You know, you look up and all you can see is what you are doing now, more and more of the same, no way to move forward; same problems, same solutions and worst of all same outcomes.

Where is the challenge, reward and recognition in that? While it is impressive to forge a presence in sales within a specialised area of industry or services, ultimately you are only important to a very small number of people in that sector. All those jobs need to be done and all of those products and services need to be sold; but there are definite limits to growth. If you are reading this then you are already at that limit.

Now is the time to jump on to a different ladder and climb around that mirror ceiling and go above it in an industry with no financial limits. An industry where, when you put in the time to evolve your selling skills, there really is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Consider a professional career in real estate. Forget the amateur players and join an established yet modern, sound but innovative real estate business partnering with the area’s leading agent Adam Nobel– it really is possible to have it all.



You will be part of a unique opportunity to learn from and work with one of Brisbane’s strongest sales performers; Adam Nobel. Adam has a wealth of selling experience and knowledge about the South Brisbane and West End markets combined with an unparalleled knowledge and commitment to innovation in sales and marketing systems.

Following an incredibly successful career in advertising, Adam has been selling real estate across Brisbane since 2007 with both branded and boutique agencies. In each role he has become the top achiever in the office, the city and for a few years across Australia.

Why the stellar success?

It’s the combination of his formal training in marketing and business and commitment to excellence and innovation with his natural personable style. Adam is truly a supportive, caring person who works hard and applies his considerable talents to his client’s success.

Since joining the Space Property Agents group in 2011 Adam has dedicated his time to crafting a unique and highly recognisable personal brand in the 4101 area covering South Brisbane, West End and Highgate Hill without losing the strength of the Space Property Agents identity and strengths. It has resulted in an impressive list of record sales for the building, the street and across the South Brisbane 4101 area.


A unique partnership of three

It is time for the Adam Nobel partnership to become a team of three dedicated sales professionals so we can provide the signature level of Adam Nobel quality to a slightly larger circle of home owners. You will be joining Dorothy Acworth the team’s dedicated Client Services Manager. Dorothy is focused on the quality of all our promotional material and is the teams interface to the advertising portals and manages the post offer processes. Dorothy ensures all of our client’s promotional material are of the highest quality and everything proceeds on time.

Dorothy is also a skilled, established real estate agent in her own right with many years’ experience as a selling professional in Queensland.  Along with her marketing role she is active at ‘Open for Inspections’ and will follow up with buyers during peak times and cover for holidays.

Your role will be to work directly with Adam to extend the team’s market width and depth by creating relationships with new home owners as well as joint selling with Adam to his current database. This means between the three of us we can provide an exceptional level of service to a greater number of home owners while all having the opportunity to enjoy time away with our families and invest in our personal development.


The Space Property Agent Group

With the significant market reach of three strategically located offices: here in South Brisbane, Paddington and Indooroopilly we are a group serving the Brisbane city market constantly on the move. This office in South Brisbane is led by Principal Angus Commins, himself a successful local agent since 1994. Unlike franchise offices we are not encumbered by working in tiny restrictive selling territories allowing us to succeed in a greater range of suburbs. In other words, your selling territory is less restrictive so your opportunities are more expansive.


Our Community

Real estate sales is not only where the big money is but also the real professional profile and prestige. Think about it: How many people buy real estate compared to the product you sell now? How does the median housing price in our area compare to your current average sale price? Do you have the opportunity to network with a broad range of individuals who shape business within your community?

Speaking of community, selling real estate is ultimately all about belonging in a community. Yes, you definitely have to work evenings and weekends but you won’t spend that time on the red eye from across the city – you will be doing the business fifteen minutes from home.

While South Brisbane is in the heart of a thriving city it has become an intimate and creative community. Positioned between two Queensland Universities and with the State’s best high school in between it is home to a highly educated and often creative population. Per capita we have more residents employed in creative arts than any other area in Australia. This all combines to make our home owners incredibly interesting and realistic people to work with who seek out and appreciate exceptional service.


The Right Training and Support

To acquire or improve the skills to sell real estate (especially if you haven’t sold it before) you will need professionally relevant training. This is critical to your startup success. That’s why we engage the industry’s best training and ongoing coaching program to ensure your success and get your career moving!

Adam will personally help you develop prospecting skills to build a new pipeline in a wider territory while you are making sales within his. This will give you selling opportunities within weeks of joining the business while working with Adam to expand the pipeline.

As leads become prospects Adam will do the face to face selling with you to teach you the industry specific sales skills. He will also show you how all our marketing tools are implemented in practical ways and allow you time to develop your own style without losing sales while you are learning the real estate business.

Adam will guide you in a systematic way throughout all parts of the business at a speed that suits your current experience and learning style to further broaden your experience. Using his background in advertising Adam has taken marketing, systems and technology leadership to another level. All those things you’d love to have or are struggling to do in your ‘spare’ time is managed by our specialist marketing staff.


Our Selection Process

We plan for success, not failure, which is why we only start people whom we believe have the in-built qualities of an effective sales person specifically for the real estate industry.  The importance of our sales requires extensive and finely tuned sales skills quite different to other sales jobs.

The first part of this process is the careful selection of staff to join our team using a sales specific selection system called Sales Inventory Profile (SIP) which identifies if you have the inherent ability to sell, even if you have no prior sales experience and this skill is currently dormant. We won’t let you give up your current role just to ‘have a go’. If we offer you a role it will be because we can see you have the right ingredients needed to list and sell real estate.


The Right Financial Package

If we feel you have what it takes to join us then we show faith by offering a realistic salary structure. We understand it takes time and resources to build a real estate selling career and we offer a base retainer plus commission package during your initial training and building phase.

Later you will be earning commission on the various component parts of the listing and sale of property. This allows you to be rewarded for just the individual part you play in the team before you are managing sales alone.

That’s what Adam Nobel offers to the right candidates at Space Property Agents and that’s how he will help you build your real estate selling career with us.



  • A local resident committed to everything the South Brisbane lifestyle has to offer, ideally living within 20 minutes’ drive.
  • A belief in providing outstanding service, including a “how can I help?” attitude.
  • You’re ready for a serious career as a sales professional and are committed to the journey of excellence.

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