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  • Experience valued but not essential. We will help you do what we do – succeed!
  • Work supported by two of the Northern Beaches most successful agents
  • Pathway to RE/MAX associate career where you keep almost all the commission

Imagine building or furthering your real estate career with two of the RE/MAX top 2% selling principals globally, committed to helping you succeed!

Will you get another opportunity like this anywhere else? We don’t think so, read on to find out why. 

Real Estate success is a people driven business. If you want to join the ranks of the truly elite real estate sales people and have the career you dream of, does it get any better than this?     

Consider this fact! 

RE/MAX Property Specialists servicing the Northern Beaches of Sydney based at Narrabeen is owned and run by two of the world’s top real estate sales achievers, the Principals and Directors, Jason Martin and Nick Scarf are in the top 2% for sales for the RE/MAX network internationally (the top 1% in Australia.)

Then you consider RE/MAX has 98,000+ sales agents that’s significant.

Why is that so important to you?

Because Jason and Nick know what it takes to get to the top in real estate. As principals they want to share this knowledge, their energy and passion with people that are like minded, people that want to be elite real estate sales achievers. They don’t want you to do well, they want you to get to the very top in real estate, just like they have.

Read on and find out how they are going to assist people to have the careers you truly dream of.  


Jason and Nick have been listing and selling properties in the local community, literally thousands of them for 21 years. That’s two generations of local property owners that have had their expectations exceeded, that’s built a great amount of good will and ongoing referral business and that’s the environment we offer you.


Jason and Nick both have young families and value an office environment that is friendly, fun and fully functional for success, Whatever your life circumstances, age, experience we are flexible and already for you to join our clearly planned expansion program.  


Imagine working in real estate here with some of Sydney’s most spectacular properties and locations. We do and we love it!

The advantage of this area doesn’t stop here.

Unlike many of the franchise groups RE/MAX sales people are not crowded into small sales territories close to the office. You will be provided with a designated core area and ability to chase leads elsewhere. You can utilise your own networks without fear of validating somebody else’s sales patch or handing over your vendor to someone else who doesn’t even know them. 


If you are just starting out in real estate we will provide you a base salary, training and mentoring to support this journey.

If you are an experienced agent unhappy with your share of the commission or the control of your sales efforts we can offer you the unique RE/MAX Sales Associate position where you get to keep your own database and more importantly most of the commission.

That’s like having your own business without the hassles of running an office and managing the support staff. You get the benefit of not working in total isolation. 

With RE/MAX you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself a pathway to running your own business success. 

We don’t mind what you do; let’s get the best fit for your career success! 


The RE/MAX network spans the earth with more than 6,800 offices operating in over 70 countries. Worldwide, RE/MAX comprises of 98,000+ agents who lead the industry. Clearly training is something RE/MAX understands and provides.

We want our training not only to be relevant and inspiring we want you to have 24/7 365 day access to it. That’s why RE/MAX offers you online and permanent access to the training. Refine your skills by watching some of the world’s best real estate people take you inside their own unique sales presentation, talk about want works in their markets, emotional engagement with vendors and so much more.

Of course watching and working with the best globally is like having the world’s best trainers on tap, who want to help you.  


We understand it takes time and resources to build a real estate selling career. We don’t want you starving to death before you can reach your potential. That’s why we pay a base salary + commission with the opportunity to work as an associate (mentioned earlier) if that suits you. This is all about uncapping your future earning potential.

That’s what we offer the right candidates at RE/MAX Property Specialists and that’s how we will help you build your real estate selling career with us!


We have a sophisticated and vigorous selection procedure starting with our own on-line selling capacity assessment, called Sales Inventory Profile or ‘SIP’. This process ensures that if we offer you a position in our business you can plan on building a long term career with us.

If you wish to be considered for our team the application process STARTS with registering at the SIP site and completing the SIP assessment. AFTER completing the assessment upload your resume.

Thank you for applying to our role. We will be in touch.

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