From reception to sales star @ Warwick Williams Real Estate Drummoyne

Warwick Williams PropertyFull time receptionist & sales support role with clear 2 year sales career plan

Support a friendly and dynamic sales team where you are always a key player

Join a large well-resourced business, salary + incentives


Here’s your chance to support Drummoyne’s leading successful sales team in the property industry and develop a sales career in Real Estate. This role starts in February 2014

We are looking for a full time Receptionist to join our beautiful office in Drummoyne and progress over a 2 year period to become a successful real estate agent in your own right.

To start you will be the public face of the Warwick Williams brand as our Receptionist while our current receptionist is on maternity leave. As time permits you will also be helping our sales team with a variety of administrative tasks in the property to start learning about the sales side of our business.

This may well be the best opportunity you will see in real estate if you wish to join our industry as a sales person with enough time to learn the business thoroughly before going on commission. Plus from day one you will be part of the whirl and excitement of working with a sales team and having regular interaction with the public!


  • Are you wanting a career in real estate but not ready to become a real estate agent yet?
  • Maybe you are already working in a real estate office in administration and wondering if that is the best environment to achieve your goals?
  • Or maybe you are a professional working in a different industry thinking about real estate selling and want to learn from one of the best rather than struggle alone.

Or maybe you have a strong background in administration with a passion for real estate and enjoy dealing regularly with buyers and homeowners while still having the      security of a salary.

Why spend all that time commuting through Sydney traffic to just another job when you can have daily challenge and a clear future with us. Work here where you live, we do and we love it!

High Quality Personalised and Market Specific Training

We don’t just make it up as we go – we have a plan for success that is geared around a minimum 2 year process of being at reception and progressively taking on other sales support work then joining a sales partnership with an experienced sales person.

This way when you choose your next role with us you will be able to transition with confidence and launch a sales career that can take you as far as your own ambitions will reach.

Watch and Learn

From your start at reception you will be exposed to every facet of our business. Our current receptionist will be leaving some time in March to start a family. This will give you time to learn all the front of house activities from a skilled professional. This alone will give you a wealth of information and examples that you can absorb so that they become a natural part of your dealings with clients in the future.

Do and Learn

You will gradually be given tasks to support the sales process of the existing sales team and guided in gaining proficiency in each. When you’re ready you will start to participate directly in sales activities, including phone follow-up’s, assisting at opens and on auction days to help during busy periods and to cover for staff on holiday.

Before moving to your first solo sales role we will help you learn how to develop your own leads. Successful agents become successful through developing leads – there is no shortcut to this process; no lead, no sale. That is why we work so hard to develop your skills in developing leads as our first stage in developing your proficiency. The good news is that there is a healthy incentive package to support this when you are ready.

Is there a better way to build a real estate career than this? We don’t think so! 



Reputation is EVERYTHING in real estate and ours has been built by dealing with tens of millions of dollars of real estate every day!
Since opening our doors in the early 1970’s we have been focused on consistently exceeding the client’s expectations with our innovative and professional service delivery. Underpinning this success is the highest degree of integrity and business ethics managed by our leader Warwick Williams and echoed daily in every interaction with the public and amongst staff.

Real Estate is a people-driven business, which begins with mentoring and supporting new staff.

With a focus on training and personal development we are an employer of choice within the industry, providing the best training and support for staff with recognition programs and employee services designed to encourage longevity and loyalty.


Our profile in the Inner West region of Sydney is unmatched.

We have the largest sales team that achieves double the sales volume of our nearest competitor in size in the region; we manage over a billion dollars in property for our landlords. We have achieved since the first day in business by remaining focused on our community and striving to stay at the forefront of technology to provide the highest quality service to very person we deal with, every day.

You can be assured of offering your clients the very best real estate experience – we want all our future clients to be delighted with us . . . and you will be a key player in providing this for them with confidence!


Our offices are centrally located, well-furnished, fully resourced and very professionally presented. They show our clients we are successful and professional down to the last detail. You will be working at our office in the heart of Drummoyne at the junction of Victoria and Lyons Roads. We are all proud and delighted to work here…you will be too.


Firstly, that you are a resident of our greater Drummoyne community. Real estate is all about community and the more you are a part of ours the easier it will be to build your career here.

The reception role is a key part of the sales process and in our organisation is the start of a fuller sales career so we need know you have the right attitude and an affinity to selling. Plus you are participating actively with clients from day one and so you will need some immediate capability for sales.

How can we get an idea of this before you can demonstrate it on the job? Our use of technology includes how we view our candidates. Therefore the answer is to take our online assessment.

We have fully validated this assessment process on our own team and we know it works. So if you are keen to talk to us about your future please follow the instructions below.

We have a sophisticated and rigorous selection procedure starting with our own online selling capacity assessment called Sales Inventory Profile or ‘SIP’.

If you wish to be considered for our team the application process STARTS with registering at the SIP site and completing the SIP assessment. AFTER completing the assessment upload your résumé (CV) and Cover Letter again at the SIP site.

We would like to suggest you tell us a bit about your plans for your career in the Cover Letter as well as what attracts you to our industry. Your Résumé will tell us what you have done, SIP will show us what you can do in terms of assisting the sales staff and the cover letter is your chance to tell us what you want for your future.


Follow the on-screen prompts and complete the questionnaire. Once you have completed the questionnaire please Click on the upload Résumé Button and then upload a Cover Letter.

We look forward to you completing the SIP assessment process! We will be in touch.

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