About Maya Saric

Hi, and Welcome to my blog. I’m Maya Saric and I’m the Managing Director of  Corporate Coach Australia and mother of three teenagers.

My entirMaya Saric, Sales Psychologiste journey since High School has been about selling which is my absolute passion in business. I have university degrees in Economics (Accounting) and Psychology.

Since finishing my first degree, in my early 20s, I have been a full-time salesperson, starting with IBM and progressing to running my own business. Over this time, I have worked as a sales person, a South East Asia sales manager, and a sales recruiter. I am  Australia’s first business coach and developer of the world’s first selling IQ system called Sales Inventory Profile, or SIP.

Corporate Coach Australia has been providing coaching services since 1994 specialise in sales excellence. All of our material is focused on helping our clients find, train and manage good salespeople. So our experience is really very specific.

My journey brings me to a place of confidence, and excitement, about the selling process that I’d like to share  with you here through this blog site.