Q&A: What is the role of ‘High Expectations’ score in selling?


Having Expectations (EXP) at or over 73%  is the biggest component to being a mega ‘hunter’, i.e. someone who can sell new business in a big way regularly.

These are people that can drive themselves consistently through all the tasks and obstacles that is the daily grind of selling. The absolute biggest obstacles that slaughters most new business Sales people are inertia and boredom during cold calling. This hence explains why the old ‘self-starter’ is so popular. Many sales people are great at hitting their targets when they have clear and pressing deadlines, or work in a call centre with autodial – but leave them alone or give them undefined time limits and they slow down and get lethargic.

Many people can stomach the tough stuff intermittently but being able to do it day in day out as instinctively and unflinchingly as brushing ones teeth is what gets some to the very top. Only a small percentage of the people we have ever tested  with the Sales Inventory Profile are that high. In fact, cold calling are what Sales people find scariest.

To be able to stomach cold calling we recommend to all our clients that they hire candidates with EXP over 68% as a minimum and develop good sales management techniques run great sales meetings and have clear weekly KPI’s to help their ‘almost’ mega hunters still get mega results. But if your sales staff need to work alone from home or a remote office without daily sales management they will need EXP to be well over 70%, and ideally over 73%

Unfortunately, good sales management techniques are also rare in most organisations. So, if you work alone (either for yourself or from a distant office), or are the boss and still selling, then you’re dead without them.

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Q&A: Is there a better day to start a job advert?

thinking business woman standingAnswer:

Things I know about sales candidate activity on SEEK: Sunday to Thursday are better than Friday and Saturday.

There are less adverts released on both Saturday and Sunday. As more adverts are released your own advert gets pushed down. This is really important to the success of your advert as candidates don’t need to go past page one to find good jobs to apply for in most markets. For this reason we always pay the extra $20 to be at the very top for a full week even in categories where we don’t get pushed off page one for a week or more naturally.

So if the objective is to maximise candidate enquiry the longer you can stay at the top on a good candidate activity day the better…so combined that makes Sunday better (equally good day as Wednesday and Thursday for candidate traffic but lesser new jobs pushing us down). That is why we recommend we wait till Sunday if possible. I organise my adverts during the week and load them to SEEK but press ‘play’ on Sunday when I get up. It takes me 2 min.

All of that is my knowledge of how candidates behave in sales roles. I am assuming a similar pattern for admin roles as currently in Sydney there are 186 ‘ sales’ roles versus 150 for ‘Administration’.

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